Hey there, how’s it going? I’m Matt, and this is my blog. Here you’ll find some topics I decided to write about concerning mobile development.

I got my start developing mobile apps way back in the heyday of iPhone OS 3 - back then we didn’t even call it iOS! A friend and I started an ambitious site/app called Locacha, which was a location based chat room. We developed an iPhone and Android app, as well as a web app.

During that time I worked on a few other side projects, including Hacker News Zero. With the experience I gained with my side projects and working on Locacha, I was able to land a job working at a consulting agency - Mindgrub. At Mindgrub I spent 4 years as a lead mobile developer, working on many iOS and Android projects for many different clients, all with diverse business needs.

After Mindgrub I came on as the sole iOS developer for LifeJourney, where we currently work on serveral education apps, as well as an app for Golfers called Swing Index.

What’s next? Only time will tell…